April 25, 2022

002: Jordan Stupar | Making Sales Fresh, Fun, and Profitable

002: Jordan Stupar | Making Sales Fresh, Fun, and Profitable

Jordan Stupar is an entrepreneur, sales professional, author, and musician. He’s also a regular guy who’s been in the trenches selling to homeowners, individual consumers, small- to medium-size businesses, and Fortune 500 corporations.

He sold door-to-door for eight years and has over a decade of inside sales success. And he’s discovered the secret sauce to crushing the sale and wants to share it with you.

After an 18-year career as a salesperson and becoming a top 1% income earner, Jordan quit his inside sales job and founded his first company, Stupar Sales Academy, in 2017.

Jordan has since started, scaled and sold two additional companies and continues to pursue his passion for helping salespeople and teams implement effective sales processes.

He believes in his methods, and he believes in you! With the right training, regular guys (and gals) can master skills that boost sales and transform lives. He’s taught thousands of sales professionals how to crush it—every time.

Jordan is in the trenches with you on a mission to make sales fresh, fun, and profitable.

On This Episode:

  • Find out why Jordan left a six figure job to pursue entrepreneurship.
  • Jordan explains how sales can become fun AND profitable.
  • Learn the importance of treating your team with respect.
  • Discover why Jordan starts his day at 3:00am.
  • Hear a tear-jerking story of Jordan's big giving moment.

Key Takeaways:

  1. If you're the problem, you're the solution.
  2. A true leader enjoys seeing their team surpass them.
  3. Understand a task before you outsource it.
  4. Find the thing you're best at and spend the majority of your time doing it.

Connect with Jordan: https://jordanstupar.com