June 13, 2022

009: Ricky Mendez | How To Solve the World's Happiness Problem

009: Ricky Mendez | How To Solve the World's Happiness Problem

Ricky has been President, VP of sales, and COO of companies spanning Southern California over the last 10 years. We have implemented my Mindset, Prosperity Planning, and sales programs in all companies in order to build a culture and foundation that can support explosive growth. With the help and dedication of our teams, Ricky has overseen operations in excess of a half-billion dollars in southern California, and have appointed key personnel to implement the mindset and sales programs.

Many of the great relationships have been with national brands such as Home Depot, Costco, American Residential Services, and Sears where Ricky have spoken at national conferences to share his ideas and best sales practices.

Ricky’s specialty has been to rebuild divisions of mediocre or failing businesses. Again, with the support of our team, we have accomplished this repetitively and Ricky believes it all starts with the foundation of the proper culture that facilitates and celebrates the success of others. In rebuilding these companies, Ricky has faced some severe challenges and obstacles that have confirmed the strength of his teachings through consistent implementation of a positive mindset and Prosperity Planning.

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