Aug. 1, 2022

016: Brant Pinvidic | Creating Incredible and Meaningful Connections

016: Brant Pinvidic | Creating Incredible and Meaningful Connections

Today we are joined by Brant Pinvidic, Brant is the author of The 3-Minute Rule, an award-winning film director, veteran television producer, and founder and CEO of INvelop Entertainment. While he continues to focus on film and television production, he also hosts a top-rated podcast (Why I’m Not with Brant Pinvidic) and travels as a professional speaker and C-level sales and presentation consultant. Prior to launching INvelop, he was the President and CCO of one of the world’s largest production companies, 3 Ball Entertainment (Biggest Loser), and was the Head of Programming for Discovery’s TLC Channel. Brant grew up in Canada as a serial entrepreneur. has raised millions of dollars, launched and operated dozens of companies, and made and lost a couple of fortunes. He took those real-life business lessons to Hollywood, creating shows like Bar Rescue and Catch a Contractor, and now takes what he's learned in Hollywood to the real world with his writing and speaking today.

Key Highlights: 

[00:00 - 07:15] Opening Segment

  • Brant Pinvidic shares his story of how he transitioned from being a successful artist to a successful entrepreneur.
  • Brant Pinvidic shares with us why he believes giving is not just about giving to charities, but about doing acts of kindness that make him feel good and have a direct connection to him.
  • The importance of vision and how it plays into success as an entrepreneur.
  • How he finds success in Television and Film

[07:16 - 13:50] How to Sell Yourself Without Sounding Promotional

  • Brant talks about how he struggled as an entrepreneur and how learning to sell himself helped him to become more successful.
  • He talks about how storytelling is an important tool for selling oneself, and how it is important to lead people through information without sounding promotional.
  • He discusses the state and proved method, which is a technique used in advertising that has been lost due to years of bombardment of click funnels and clicks and bait strategies


[13:51 - 20:26] Dealing with Sophisticated Audience

  • Using Inform and lead pitch method
  • Informing people of the basic elements and leading them to a conclusion.
  • He shares his experience on how he uses this in pitching for Bars and night Clubs.
  • How can people today build a pitch?
  • Brant suggests achieving it with simplicity such as knowing and understanding “What do you do/services your offer.”
  • WHAC method
  • What is it?
  • How does it work?
  • Are you sure?
  • Can you do it?

[20:27 - 27:01] Pitching Big Ticket and Small Ticket Items

  • Brant suggests that there’s no difference between size or scope 
  • The misconception is that when you need more you need to speak more
  • In actuality, you only need to back it up (graphs, validations, and all other details) but not in the initial pitch.
  • The structure is the same, using the WHAC strategy
  • It disturbs Brant that his colleagues still are working when they are supposed to retire. 
  • He shares living his life travel and adventure club for nonprofit for fun.
  • When covid hits and everyone is at bay. Hearing his kid wanted to see the 48 states someday

Brant sold his house and bought an RV and started traveling across the country.

[27:02 - 33:16] How to be a Successful Giver

  • Retired and found it difficult to work full-time; now it is nearly impossible.
  • Traveled to 29 different countries and learned life lessons in each.
  • Inspired by a trip to America with his family, decided to have a greater impact on the world.
  • Launched the Pass a hundred club, where they give away $100 bills to strangers.
  • Recruiting businesses have this same structure, in which they give back in order to receive more.

[33:16 - 45:02] AI-Based Cancer Platform Gives Patients Alternative Treatments

  • Brant discusses X Cures, a cancer platform, AI-based, that is free to oncologists and patients.
  • It is the most spectacular thing I've ever seen because it can spit out drugs that have failed in the past, or clinical trials that are currently taking place.
  • The platform is successful because it uses data from patients and oncologists to create better treatments for cancer patients.
  • Brant urges cancer patients to focus on providing value rather than expecting something in return and recommends creating experiences that make people happy as a way to give back.
  • He shares spending time with his subscribers offering them to stay on his beach house
  • Helping them out with their business such as restructuring, pitching sales, etc.
  • One of them was a woman who had a 13-year-old son that died in his sleep and she built a soccer field in his honor, she told Brant that she wrote a book about it but couldn’t explain it to someone.
  • They were having dinner and after that night she was able to pitch it to anyone.

[45:20 - 54:17] Closing Segment

  • Reach out to Brant
  • See links below 
  • Final words

Resources Mentioned:

The 3-Minute Rule: Say Less to Get More from Any Pitch or Presentation

Tweetable Quotes:

“If you're looking for 64 million and you're raising much money, you need to backup the after pieces. When they ask for the charts, graphs, details, and validations, of course, you need all that, but not in the initial pitch” - Brant Pinvidic

“Get yourself situated first and then you can do great things for everybody else.” - Brant Pinvidic


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