Aug. 15, 2022

018: Kevin Estrada | A Passion for Hockey, Fishing, and Charity

018: Kevin Estrada | A Passion for Hockey, Fishing, and Charity

018: Kevin Estrada | A Passion for Hockey, Fishing, and Charity

Guiding you through the stunning Fraser River Canyon is the professional guide and owner of Sturgeon Slayers, Kevin Estrada. Prior to becoming one of the most respected sturgeon guides in British Columbia, Kevin graduated from Michigan State University and was drafted by the Carolina Hurricanes. After enjoying a strong professional hockey career, Kevin found himself back on his home waters, the might Fraser River. Since then, Kevin has dedicated his time to developing Sturgeon Slayers into one of BC’s premier sturgeon fishing operations.

Kevin served on the Board of Directors for the Fraser River Sturgeon Conservation Society for 4 years and was the 2015 award winner for Leadership.

Key Highlights: 

[00:45 - 07:44] Kevin Estrada: Sturgeon Slayer Shares Inspiring Story of Success

  • Kevin Estrada, aka the “Sturgeon Slayer”, joins the show to discuss his successful career in fishing and advocacy.
  • Estrada shares his story of playing professional hockey and developing a successful fishing company.
  • In 2008, Estrada was involved in a plane crash that caused him many injuries and prevented him from continuing his career.
  • Estrada uses his story and connections to NHL athletes to help combine his passion for fishing and charity.
  • Estrada's story inspires listeners to fight through any struggles they may face and find a positive outcome.

[07:44 - 14:26] Hockey Star's Sturgeon Slaying Side Hustle Inspires Others

  • After playing professional hockey for 10 years, he decided to start a fishing company, Sturgeon Slayers, as a side hustle while still playing hockey.
  • He has been successful in building a successful business and is now able to focus on other interests outside of hockey.
  • Sturgeon are unique and ancient fish that are worth a lot of money.
  • He has been able to connect with people in the fishing industry and help them start their own businesses.

[14:26 - 21:02] Plane Crash Story 

  • Kevin shares his story regarding the plane crash
  • The fear that was felt during the plane crash, how calm one can be under those circumstances, and how one's reaction to any situation determines the outcome.
  • Fear is not always a fear that one experiences, but rather a respect for certain aspects of nature or a challenge that one must face in order to grow.
  • Kevin talks about how he uses his business to help others, most notably through his partnership with Andrew Lad for the Lad foundation, which focuses on raising money for charity and improving conservation efforts for sturgeon.

[21:02 - 27:33] Leader of Fraser Valley's Flood Guidance Association Shares Lessons Learned from Disasters

  • The flooding in British Columbia in the winter of 2018, and how local guide association members stepped up to help before any government did.
  • Kevin shares how the team has made efforts to coordinate and help with tasks such as medical treatments, debris removal, and providing fuel.
  • Being a leader and having thick skin is something that has come naturally to Kevin.

[27:33 - 34:33] Why Money Can't Buy You Happiness

  • Kevin speaks about his beliefs that there should be something that revolves around freedom on Earth, and how this impacts his views on mandates and the effects they have on people.
  • He shares that success for him is being able to have the time and freedom to do what he wants, and he has been able to achieve this through a variety of means, including self-employment and owning his own time.
  • He encourages others to start giving from the beginning of their businesses and notes that money can't buy happiness in all cases.

[34:33 - 35:35] Closing Segment

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Tweetable Quotes:

“Not everybody could get in a boat, drive it and help people, but people can do things from around the world in their own way and it's not just money. They should be giving in any way that they can and it doesn't mean financially, But they should be involved in their communities that create that environment, a good environment.” - Kevin Estrada


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