Sept. 5, 2022

021: Tim Bratz | Exercising Your Giving Muscles

021: Tim Bratz | Exercising Your Giving Muscles

Tim began his career in the competitive New York City real estate market working as a broker leasing ground floor retail units. Here, he saw the true potential of real estate to transform lives. Although Tim was limited in means, he spent his time reading, attending workshops, and networking with accomplished entrepreneurs learning that being resourceful was the ultimate path to becoming successful. With this knowledge, Tim embarked on building his real estate company in Charleston, South Carolina, where he had relocated in search of a better quality of life. 


 Arriving in 2008, after the real estate bubble burst, Tim quickly adapted and using a credit card, increased his limit and then wrote himself a balance transfer check to acquire the cheapest property he could find. Armed with his personal investment and plenty of sweat equity, Tim transformed a rundown duplex and turned a profit on his first deal. 


Let’s buckle up as Tim share his journey and how he goes big to give big!

Key Highlights: 

[00:00 - 07:42] How Tim Bratz Succeeded at an Early Age

  • Tim Bratz shares how he was able to build confidence and success early on in his career
  • He was inspired by the real estate boom and entrepreneurial boom of the late 2000s and read two books on the subject in high school and college
  • He had a lot of great influences, including his mother and father, but found it difficult to find good mentors until he joined a mastermind at 29 years old.

[07:42 - 14:50] How to Turn a Limited Mindset into a Mindset filled with Opportunity

  • The key to success is asking better questions and getting better answers.
  • Constraints can help you get things done and overcome obstacles.
  • Playing the "who do I talk to" game can help you figure out who needs to be in touch with your business and when.

[14:51 - 21:48] Can You Be A Good Leader And Have A Successful Business?

  • Tim recommends starting with a simple activity to get a sense of where your time is being spent and what makes money in the business.
  • This activity can be done every day for a week, and it will help you identify which activities make money and which activities are draining or headache-inducing.
  • Once you have this information, you can start hiring people and delegating tasks to them. This will free up more time for you to focus on making money.
  • It's important to measure an employee's progress on an ongoing basis and to coach and mentor them if they are not performing to expectations.
  •  Being a good leader is not just about having the right skills, but also being able to maintain leadership while the team is facing challenging times.

[21:48 - 28:47] How to Build Confidence and Achieve Success

  • Tim’s mother was a big influence on his passion for philanthropy and he credits her with instilling in him the importance of giving back to society.
  • He has always been supportive of giving back to society and this has led him to become involved in a number of philanthropic causes.
  • He believes that children's education is the key to creating a confident and successful future for all.

[28:47 - 35:35] Legacy Library: A way of thinking. 

  • How reading changed the Tim's life and how he started to think about ways to impact younger generations in a more meaningful way.
  • He started a legacy library series for kids that focuses on principles from classic personal development books.
  • One of Tim’s favorite moments was when a parent shared how their daughter's reading of one of his books helped her through a tough time.

[35:35 - 48:30] Getting into business to become financially secured.

  • Tim shares a story about his friend’s niece from a mastermind group got diagnosed with DIPG which is brain cancer for children. 
  • There’s a 10 percent chance that kid last 2 years and 0% if it’s an infant.
  • A similar situation happened to her daughter’s best friend, realizing this Tim offered to help financially
  • Tim state’s that he makes multiple six figures not only to secure himself and his family but in order to help other people.

[48:32 - 49:41] Closing Segment

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  • Final words

Tweetable Quotes:

“By being able to lead the charge and make a big impact and driving a value for other people that they're willing to pay us for our goods and for our services and that we can then take that money and use it for good in order to support and help other people in some of the darkest times of their life, if we can be.

Just a little beacon of light. I think that's a really powerful place to be.” - Tim Bratz

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