Sept. 12, 2022

022: Cole Hatter | How Entrepreneurs Should Go Out and Change The World

022: Cole Hatter | How Entrepreneurs Should Go Out and Change The World

Welcome back to Go Big to Give Big Podcasts With Randy Molland and Steve Arneson today we Invited Cole Hatter. Cole is the person that inspires us to create this go big give big movement he shares inspiring words and wisdom that would be valuable to all listeners!

Cole is an entrepreneur, investor, author, and award-winning speaker. He invests in real estate, start-ups, and several funds exceeding $100 million. He is the founder of Thrive: Make Money Matter, an annual conference designed to teach entrepreneurs how to dominate in business and life while making the world a better place. Cole is a husband, father, and philanthropist who strives to give back. His greatest passion is providing a platform to educate and empower entrepreneurs to live their lives and run their companies in a way that makes a measurable difference in the world.


Let’s buckle up as Cole shares his journey and how he goes big to give big!

Key Highlights: 

[00:00 - 07:48] Cole Hatter Inspires You to Go Bigger with Your Dreams and Goals

  • Cole Hatter is a successful real estate investor and business owner who has inspired thousands of people to make more money and then use it to do good in this world.
  • Cole believes entrepreneurs are the ones that are going to change the world, and he has bought an orphanage in Mexico to help expand it.
  • Cole's favorite moment of giving was when he paid for surgery so that one of their close family and friends could walk again after an accident.

[07:48 - 14:34] The Secret To Living That Will Make You A Better Business Owner

  • Cole quotes Tony Robbin saying that all people want to contribute and give back, and this is an instinct.
  • Businesses should focus on adding a social aspect to their business, which is why consumers are increasingly demanding this of companies.
  • The trend of consumerism towards for-purpose businesses is growing, and businesses that do not adapt will lose customers.

[14:34 - 21:33] How to Build a Successful Business with Delegation, Alignment, and Human Growth

  • Delegation is essential to business success.
  • hiring people for skills or culture can be a mistake, as people are more likely to be a good fit for mission and values than just having the right attitude finding superstars is key to success and can be done through referrals, masterminds, and communities

[21:33 - 28:01]Built a Network of Strategic Friends

  • How Cole became friends with Grant Cardone introduces him to Ed Mylet and Andy Frisella 
  • Cole says helped Cardone helped him develop better relationships with them and learn from them
  • He since hosted his event and developed relationships with other business owners through attending events and joining masterminds.

[28:01 - 34:26] People Who Are In masterminds Are Committed

  • People who are masterminds are committed.
  • And it's the financial threshold,  
  • Some people say that Mastermind Is about money because that means that you care about any answers given or talked inside a mastermind event. 
  • Cole adds that it’s the same thing as taking out someone for lunch You've invested $80 into that person or to his answer.

[34:27 - 41:21] Most Impactful Moment of Philanthropy

  • Cole shares that he founded and started an orphanage in Mexico in 2010
  • He adds that he plans for an additional orphanage that will house recovering addicts and their children, 
  • that the orphanage will be funded by donations from the community.
  • The orphanage will be located in a border town, close to the US.

[41:21 - 48:14] Cole's Tips for Giving: How to Write a Million Dollar Check or Spend a Week Helping Others

  • Giving is a way to feel positive emotions and buy happiness
  • There are many ways to give, including writing extensive checks or spending time helping others
  • Every dollar counts and donating a million-dollar check makes you feel good

[48:14 - 55:21] Money Can't Buy You Happiness, But Giving Can

  • For Cole checks are important and the checks will keep coming.
  • Cole adds that it's hard to do the work. It is easy to write a check for a hundred dollars. It's easier to write a hundred dollars checks than it is to show up and serve for an entire day.
  • Cole challenges himself to maintain his servant's heart by doing more of giving in person and less of the gist

[55:32 - 1:04:41] Closing Segment

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  • Final words

Tweetable Quotes:

“ I believe that I'm supposed to do four things on earth. I'm supposed to love God. I'm supposed to live in my talents. I'm supposed to enjoy the things that God has given me. And I'm supposed to love others as I love my, as I equally, as I would love myself ” - Cole Hatter

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