Sept. 26, 2022

024: Andrew Ladd | The Connections of Sports Business and Giving Back

024: Andrew Ladd | The Connections of Sports Business and Giving Back

Welcome back to Go Big to Give Big Podcasts. Today we have with us Andrew Ladd!

When a top NHL player and doctor combine forces, a charity offering exciting opportunities to youth is born. Through Ladd Foundation, Andrew and Brandy strive to offer experiences and support to those causes that have affected their family and friends. Originally from British Columbia and Alberta, respectively, this couple holds a long history of community engagement and a demonstrated commitment to service. When the Ladds give, they give in a big, meaningful way.

Leadership and character are terms often describing Andrew, a two-time Stanley Cup winner. As former Captain of the Winnipeg Jets and the Atlanta Thrashers, Andrew demonstrated the leadership qualities and values he proudly espouses. Throughout his career, Andrew has led his teams by accumulating one of the top point totals for left-wingers in the league. But beyond his impressive stats on the ice, his record of community service is just as impressive.

Let’s hear Andrew as he discusses and his new digital program which is available to anyone for free and his sports business can give back!

[00:00 - 07:45] Opening Segment

  • Andrew Ladd is a two-time Stanley Cup champion and is well known in the NHL for his leadership skills.
  • He won the Mark Messier Leadership Award and was a spokesperson for the Dream Factory when he was playing with the Winnipeg Jets.
  • He created the Ladds leaders when he was playing with the Islanders and is now in the process of growing his charity, the Ladd foundation.

[07:45 - 14:28] How to keep your team motivated during the championship season

  • When he was younger, his goal was to just play junior hockey and then play in the WHL and then make it to the NHL
  • He found that if he was thinking about a goal way far in the future, he was forgetting about the steps it would take to get there and would be anxious about making every mistake
  • Now, he has a mindset of being grounded in what he wants and what is the best avenue forward, which allows him to focus on the next step rather than getting bogged down by mistakes He credits his wife for pushing him to keep going when things were tough a

[14:28 - 21:23] Mental Performance Coach Can Help Kids Overcome Tough Times

  • At a young age, sports are a great way to learn life lessons and make mistakes.
  • In terms of feeling, sports provide a journey for kids that allows them to work through challenges and learn about life skills.
  • A mental performance coach helped him learn how to better manage his emotions and connect with others.
  • Through these conversations, he learned that coaches are just people who care about their athletes and want the best for them.

[21:23 - 28:37] 1616 Bringing Athletes and Vulnerability Together to Inspire Youth

  • 1616 program is designed to help youth develop a "buffalo" mindset and learn skills for facing difficult situations.
  • The program has been successful in helping hockey players share their stories and connect with other athletes.
  • Vulnerability is seen as a powerful tool by those involved in the 16 programs, which may help to create more open and honest conversations among youth.

[28:37 - 35:52] 16 Weeks of Inspiring Content to Impact Youth

  • Creating a program to help youth in sport, with the ultimate goal of changing their trajectory for the better.
  • The program is available to anyone at no cost and is designed to be engaging and interactive for parents and children.
  • How donations are needed to make the program as impactful as possible, and how $2,000 can put a team through sports for 16 weeks.

[35:53 - 43:01] The Emotion You Feel When You Give

  • Entrepreneurs and startups should include a giving component in their business from day one.
  • He believes that the more impact you have, the more you can help people.

[43:02 - 46:31] Closing Segment

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  • Final words

Tweetable Quotes:

They coined the term Buffalo because they were the only animal that when a storm hit, they wouldn't run away from the storm. They would band together and push right through it. So they would get through the storm quicker and when things get uncomfortable, it's better to face them head-on because you'll get through them quicker and be stronger on the other side. The Buffalo mindset is what we're trying to instill in kids through sport.” - Andrew Ladd

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