Oct. 24, 2022

028: Jayden Lee | Maintaining A Positive Mindset Amidst Tragedies

028: Jayden Lee | Maintaining A Positive Mindset Amidst Tragedies

028: Jayden Lee | Maintaining A Positive Mindset Amidst Tragedies

Welcome back to the Go Big To Give Big Podcast! Today's guest is Jayden Lee. This guy's energy is infectious and there is no surprise he's had so much success in his life and why he won the Century21 30 under 30 awards for top real estate agents, but it hasn't always been smiles and rainbows for Jayden. He has gone through more in his short life than most people face in their entire lives from being diagnosed with cancer to losing their mom and then having the loss of one of his best friends while they were on a trip. Jayden has seen some of the biggest tragedies you can face, but he was able to turn them. Into some of the most inspiring. So with no further ado let’s listen to Jayden Lee!

[00:01 - 13:34] Young Realtor Runs Hundreds of Kilometers to Raise Money for Children's Hospital

  • Jayden has been a runner for as long as she can remember and it's now a huge part of him, giving back.
  • The biggest challenges in the last couple of years have been losing his mother two years ago and then losing a best friend in November.
  • Jayden found out he had cancer and lost her father later that year.
  • Running has helped Jayden get through these difficult times by providing him with a goal, mental clarity, and peace of mind.
  • Jayden has been raising money for the children's hospital through a 100-kilometer run from Chilliwack

[13:34 - 20:18] Running for a Children's Hospital Inspires Young Man to Raise Over $120,000

  • In November 2020, He started training for a 100-kilometer run to raise money for BC Children's Hospital.
  • October 2nd, 2021 was the day they completed the 100-kilometer run from Chilliwack to BC Children's Hospital.
  • They raised over $125,000 in total.
  • Jayden shares his emotional moment of writing the check and announcing their fundraising success to the world.

[20:18 - 26:35] Jadyen's Inspiring Journey: From Rude to Rad

  • Jayden talks about the importance of having a positive mindset and how it has helped him in his life.
  • He talks about how He's been spending more time hanging out with friends and networking, which has helped her grow her business.
  • He also talks about how important it is to surround yourself with positive people, as they will help you grow in all areas of your life.

[26:35 - 33:15] Jayden Lee Shares Inspiring Story of Giving Back and Challenging Himself

  • Jayden Lee believes that it is important to always have a "what's next" on the calendar in order to maintain motivation and avoid losing momentum
  • He believes that entrepreneurs should start giving from the beginning of their business and that it is important to be grateful and humble when doing so.

[33:16 - 38:48] Closing Segment

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"I always have a what's next in the calendar, and so, I want to be spontaneous and there's a few things that probably might not be what's next, but there's going to be another what's next and Big run coming next year, which ties into all these connections as well." - Jayden Lee


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