Nov. 14, 2022

031: Dave Aarons | Impacting the World Through Entrepreneurship

031: Dave Aarons | Impacting the World Through Entrepreneurship

031: Dave Aarons | Impacting the World Through Entrepreneurship

Welcome Back to Go Big to Give Big Podcasts with Randy Molland and Steve Arneson. Today we are joined by Dave Aarons! Dave is the founder of Unbundled Attorney, which helps connects leads to lawyers while also offering cheap legal service to their clients.

Dave is a master when it comes to discipline and scaling a business, as well as being a true entrepreneur at heart with his ability to think fast, pivot when he sees an opportunity, and is not afraid to put in the work to get there. As you listen to this episode, you'll hear the passion come out in Dave as he gets fired up sharing about why adding a given component to any for-profit company should be the new standard and why he believes so much in this philosophy.

He also touches on what motivated him to create such success and how that motivation has pivoted throughout the years. Dave also shares a few cool tips on how he is using journaling to help him learn when he needs to pivot inside his business and how he can stay true to himself.

Dave is someone who has consulted and inspired us to continue to build the Go Big to Give Big brand. He is an inspiration with what he is doing with his company and helping people with their mental health.

[00:00 - 13:09] Unbundled Attorney: Reaching Those in Need

●    Dave Aarons is the founder of Unbundled Attorney, a company that helps folks to access affordable legal services.

●    Dave shares the story of his realization of why was necessary to change his lifestyle, and why was important to be an entrepreneur.

●    The efforts that Dave undertook to bridge the gap between those who can’t afford legal services and expand his customer base.

[13:15 - 17:18] The Power of Retrospection

●    Dave shares how Jim Rohn influenced him into journaling, and how writing has changed his perspective on life.

●    John Assaraf’s book The Answer also taught him how writing out goals and affirmations can configure your mind into seeing new opportunities and directions.

●    Writing needs to be intentional and on a regular basis, in that way influencing your life in unmeasurable ways.

[17:28 - 29:26] Changing the World, One Venture At a Time

●    Dave believes that entrepreneurship has the opportunity to make significant impacts on the major social problems that affect us in our modern world.

●    How experiences and empathy can be harnessed to do a positive impact.

●    Thriving in a business and helping others are not necessarily opposites. In fact, their purposes can be aligned.

●    Today's entrepreneurs should look at those who laughed at them in the past and realize they're not invited to their party.

[29:27 - 40:10] The Importance of Mental Health

●    Dave explains to us the burdens that an attorney can face and the pressures of the everyday hustle.

●    He believes in the importance of therapy and shares with us his recent partnership with Ginger, an online mental health platform with resources for those in need of support.

●    Dave shares with us how he realized the importance of mental health issues when he heard a story of Ginger’s CEO Karan Singh

[40:12 - 50:20] Quick Questions

●    Dave discusses what charities he likes and what lessons these initiatives can teach us.

●    He explains what inspires him with their giving and charitable projects.

●    Dave believes that an entrepreneur should start their business with a percentage of their revenue in mind for the benefit of others. 

●    He gives us his take on what he thinks when hearing the sentence Go Big to Give Big

[50:21 - 52:37] Closing Segment

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Tweetable Quotes:

“If you're not getting the results that you want to get in your life, that has to do with the way you are thinking. It has to do with your philosophy.” - Dave Aarons


“If you take full responsibility for the results and everything you're experiencing in your life, then you have the capacity to shift it” - Dave Aarons


“Sometimes the most painful things that happened to us become the very things that enable us to be able to understand, and then have the empathy and motivation to want to shift it.” - Dave Aarons



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