Dec. 19, 2022

036: Joey Yak | Empowering Businesses Through Hip-Hop

036: Joey Yak | Empowering Businesses Through Hip-Hop

Welcome Back to Go Big to Give Big Podcasts with Randy Molland and Steve Arneson. Today we are joined by the energetic Joey Yak! Joey is a marketing genius who uses his hip hop background and video production skills to get the attention of consumers for his clients. He is also known for writing theme songs for top entrepreneurs, including Cole Hatter, Jesse Itzler, Tim Grover, and Grant Cardone. Joey has had his ups and downs in life, but is now finding his true passion in being the best version of himself, including being a good father, husband, mentor, and leader for his team. He is energetic, excited, and full of life and is sure to bring a unique and enjoyable perspective to the podcast.

[00:00 - 07:12] How Life’s Hard Decisions Can Lead to Opportunities

• Joey Yak is a musician and songwriter who has worked with some of the world's top entrepreneurs. He is going to share his story of how he was able to connect with them and create songs that help promote their messages.

• Joey Yak's music career was successful, but he had to make some hard decisions when he decided to move back home and be with his family. He shares his journey from making it as a musician to almost making it and then having to leave that industry.

• Now, Joey Yak is focusing on his music career and creating positive songs that help promote the messages of top entrepreneurs.


[07:12 - 14:09] From the Stage to the Boardroom: Joey’s Journey to CEO

• Joey talks about his journey from musician to studio CEO, and how preparation and experience led him to where he is now.

• He emphasizes the importance of knowing how to articulate your message, and how being creative and providing value is key to earning someone's respect.

• Joey shares his experiences with Cole Hatter (Jesse Itzler, Ryan Stewman,Tim Grover), and how they all helped him get attention and build relationships with other artists.


[14:09 - 21:17] The Importance and Value of Partnerships

·        Joey shares that he is a "creative consultant," and that his business model is to partner with others to create value together.

·        He emphasizes the importance of having a "proven model" before approaching potential strategic partners, and describes how his own character has helped him in this regard.

·        Joey discusses the importance of developing a strong character in order to be successful in business, and provides examples of times when he has had to balance these different aspects of his life.




[21:17 - 28:05] How Art Can Make Your Business Go Bigger

  • Joey Yak focuses on building partnerships with industry leaders and offering unique solutions to their clients.
  • He aims to pivot quickly on the creative side and find areas where he can support the strengths of his partners.
  • By building relationships with businesses rather than individual clients, Joey Yak is able to expand his network and bring in new clients through his partners
  • John uses music to connect with customers and create a feeling of emotion.
  • He underprices himself to make life with his customers more enjoyable.
  • John advises businesses to create engaging videos that communicate the value of their product or service.


[28:05 - 41:19] Fund Your Passion: Building Wealth

·        Joey is focused on helping others turn their passions into a profitable business and build wealth through his brand "Fund Your Passion."

  • He believes that success is being able to pay your bills and build wealth through your creative abilities.
  • Joey is investing his own earnings back into his business and other opportunities to build wealth.
  • He wants to show others that it is possible to make a living doing what they love, while also learning the structure of business and finding ways to diversify their income streams.
  • Joey recalls the favorite moment on giving and what impact had in the families that he was helping


[41:19 - 45:21] Quick Questions

Brag one charity you like: Empower North County

What would get you more excited? Donating a $1 million check or spending a week physically helping others: $1 million. Because he knows that could go a long way for any charity.

 • Who inspires you with their giving? Jesse Itzler

Do you think entrepreneurs should start a giving from day one or after they have some seen some success? Joey thinks that you should start giving right away.

What is the first thing that you think of when you hear Go Big to Give Big: Joey thinks to give it all away just to rebuild everything you had.

In one word, describe the feeling you get when you give: Emotional.

Do you believe that money can buy you happiness: Joey believes that money can lead the way to opportunities that can make you happy.



[45:21 - 47:28] Closing Segment

·        Reach out to Joey Yak

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·        Final words





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“Success is being able to be you in all of you and use your creative ability to build wealth.” – Joey Yak 




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