Jan. 2, 2023

038: Jason Fladlien | The Power of Spirituality into Entrepreneurship

038: Jason Fladlien | The Power of Spirituality into Entrepreneurship

Welcome Back to Go Big to Give Big Podcasts with Randy Molland and Steve Arneson. Today we are joined by the 100 million Webinar man, Jason Fladlien!  He is a professional webinar marketer and co-founder of Rapid Crush. With a background as a wrapping monk, Jason has gone on to produce over 100 million dollars in webinar stuff. In this episode, Jason shares his inspiring story of how he overcame mental health issues with music, meditation, and spiritual practices to become one of the best webinar marketers of all time.


He also shares insights into how he has used his wealth to give back and stresses the importance of this act in his life. Plus, we hear stories of generosity from other entrepreneurs who are using their businesses to make a difference in people’s lives. You will be inspired by Jason’s story and gain actionable advice on how to use their success for good. Tune in for a conversation that will encourage you to “Go Big” with your dreams and goals!



[00:00 - 08:40] Journey from Darkness to Spirituality

·        Jason Fladlien is the chief strategy officer and co-founder of Rapid Crush. He is known as one of the best webinar marketers of all time, and is referred to as the "100 million webinar man"

·        Jason was a rapper and producer in his younger years but struggled with depression and anxiety

·        He was introduced to the Hare Krishna movement and decided to become a wrapping monk

·        While living as a wrapping monk, Fladlien developed his sales skills and eventually transitioned into webinar marketing

·        He was introduced to the Hare Krishna movement and decided to become a wrapping monk. While living as a wrapping monk, Fladlien developed his sales skills and eventually transitioned into webinar marketing


[08:40 - 18:04] The Role of Persistence and Timing in the Success of a Creating a Business

·        Jason tried writing articles but found it unsatisfying

·        In desperation, he wrote a quick ebook on how to write articles and sold it for $4. The ebook was successful and led to a paradigm shift in his thinking about product creation.

·        Jason's ebook was discovered on a forum and gained popularity through social proof. People left positive feedback on the forum and the ebook sold well

·        Jason realized the potential of finding a specific problem and creating a specific solution in a single sitting

·        Timing played a critical role in Jason's success with webinars. He also credits persistence and hard work as a role in his success


[18:04 - 29:05] Considerations for Using Webinars as a Marketing Tool

  • Webinars can be effective for businesses where understanding and information are important factors in the purchasing decision and work well for heavily information-focused decisions and target the most serious and engaged portion of the audience.
  • Real estate and investing are examples of industries where webinars can be particularly useful.
  • Webinars may not be suitable for businesses selling low-ticket products or products that are typically purchased on impulse.
  • Attrition can be high for webinars, with only a portion of those who sign up actually showing up for the event and making a purchase.
  • It can be worth trying out webinars for your business, even if they are not intended to be sales webinars.


[29:05 - 41:33] The Role of Audience, Authenticity, and Sincerity for Webinar Success

  • Many webinars are approached with a "win-lose" mentality rather than a "win-win" mentality.

·        It's important to be sincere and authentic in order to have a long-lasting and successful webinar.

·        Testing different messaging approaches can help determine the most effective way to present information.

·        The most successful webinars have a clear and concise message that resonates with the audience.

·        It's important to continually test and refine messaging in order to have a successful webinar.



[41:33- 48:24] Reflecting on Tragedy and Finding Strength


  • Jason’s younger brother Ryan was diagnosed with brain cancer and passed away
  • Ryan's wish from the Make-a-Wish Foundation was to go to Disney World, and the trip became one of Jason's best memories with his brother
  • Jason cites this experience as having shaped him into the person he is today
  • Jason emphasizes the importance of kind gestures, especially in difficult times
  • Jason discusses how he founded Rapid Crush in 2011 with his business partner Wilson Mattos and how the business was preceded by an earlier venture that Jason started in 2008, which made a couple hundred thousand dollars a year.



[48:24 - 52:21] Quick Questions

Brag one charity you like: Michael Hoefflin Foundation

What would get you more excited? Donating a $1 million check or spending a week physically helping others: Physically helping others

 • Who inspires you with their giving? Cynthia Kersey

Do you think entrepreneurs should start giving from day one or after they have seen some success? For Jason, It is up to the individual entrepreneur to decide whether to prioritize giving from the start of their business or to wait until they have achieved some success. It is important to consider this issue and make a decision based on personal values and priorities.

What is the first thing that you think of when you hear Go Big to Give Big: “Let’s do it!” A motto of motivation.

In one word, describe the feeling you get when you give: Gratitude.

Do you believe that money can buy you happiness: Yes, money can buy happiness if you can give it to others who need it



[52:21 - 53:59] Closing Segment

·        Reach out to Jason

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·        Final words





Tweetable Quotes


"Don’t show your Mona Lisa to a blind man, because he will never appreciate it. So, sometimes the webinar's incredible, but it's just in front of the wrong audience." – Jason Fladlien




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