Feb. 13, 2023

044: Steve Arneson | The Passion of Going Big to Give Big

044: Steve Arneson | The Passion of Going Big to Give Big

Welcome to the Go Big to Give Big Podcast with Randy Molland and Steve Arneson! In this episode of our podcast, we’re sharing a little out bit of our giving stories by talking with the co-host of the Go Big to Give Big Podcast Steve Arneson! Steve is often a humble energy pump in the room, Steve thrives in Synergy’s social setting by building genuine relationships, lifting others up to their next level, and has the incredible gift of making everyone around him feel a little more special.


Steve shares his story of why he started his mission to inspire people to go bigger and give bigger. From Steve’s fascination with money from a young age and how it drove him to pursue sales, to the realization that this lifestyle wouldn’t give him the flexibility he wanted for his family, Steve talks about his journey into entrepreneurship and how he now values both income and lifestyle. He also discusses how his philanthropic mindset was shaped by his father’s volunteerism and discusses making a commitment to donate $100,000 to charity by 2025.


Learn more about Steve's inspiring story as he talks about building a “giving muscle” and how it can have a ripple effect on people's lives; the impact of incorporating a for-purpose aspect into businesses; leveraging other people’s time in order to scale up one's business; giving both monetarily and through simple acts like compliments; becoming aware of the option of incorporating for-purpose elements into their business; sponsoring kids sports every month for five years; and creating support for cancer research.


Listen to Steve and Randy's story on giving, which will inspire you to go bigger with your dreams and goals so you can give bigger with your profits!


[00:00 - 10:24] Entrepreneurism: Creating a Flexible Lifestyle

·        Steve was always fascinated with money and wanted the finer things in life

·        He got into sales to make more money but had a change of heart when he realized the toll it would take on his personal life

·        Steve had a realization that he needed to change his career path and chose entrepreneurship as a better way to achieve his desired lifestyle

·        Steve realized that his current career path in sales would keep him away from his family for a large part of the year

·        He did not want to follow that same path and end up like his VP, stressed and not seeing his family

·        Steve's desire to spend more time with his family was a key factor in his decision to pursue entrepreneurship.


[10:24 - 22:38] Unlocking the Power of Philanthropy

·        Randy and Steve joined a Mastermind Thrive Make Money, which taught them about putting together businesses that give back.

·        They connected the idea of using their business for a purpose as opposed to just earning money and then giving it away.

·        Steve was inspired by the one-for-one model and the idea that the more they make in their business, the more they give back automatically.

·        Randy and Steve turned their business into a for-purpose business, which involved a lot of charity events and raising money through their meetups and rental properties.


[22:38 - 34:43] Building a Legacy

·        Collaborating with like-minded people to have a high impact on the world through their businesses

·        People should focus on the impact of their actions rather than the monetary value

·        People care more about the impact rather than the amount of money donated

·        Describing the impact creates a higher level of buy-in and momentum

·        The first step towards a positive legacy is self-awareness

·        Self-awareness includes acknowledging one's own selfishness

·        Don't just be a seven-figure earner, aim to be seven figures in all aspects of life

·        Developing a mindset focused on leaving a positive legacy can change a person over time.


[34:43 - 44:46] Quick Questions

·        Brag one about charity you like: FreeWater

·        What would get you more excited? Donating a $1 million check or spending a week physically helping others: Steve would be more excited about donating a $1 million check because of the potential impact it could have on a charity and his personal growth.

·        Who inspires you with their giving? Steven Bartlett.

·        What would be your number one collaborator to partner with? Eminem.

·        What is the first thing that you think of when you hear Go Big to Give Big: The more people who embrace this idea and use their passions to drive change, the greater impact they can have on the world.

·        In one word, describe the feeling you get when you give: Inspired.

·        Do you believe that money can buy you happiness: Money absolutely can buy happiness. For Steve, money has been a witness to how money can make an impact when you help someone.  


[44:46 - 49:25] Closing Segment

·        Reach out to Steve

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·        Final words


Tweetable Quotes


"No matter what the circumstance is, you can jump at the chance to help. Cause that's what I think good humans do.” – Steve Arneson



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