Feb. 20, 2023

045: Randy Molland | Unlocking the Power of Giving

045: Randy Molland | Unlocking the Power of Giving

Welcome to the Go Big to Give Big Podcast with Randy Molland and Steve Arneson! In this episode of our podcast, we’re sharing a little out bit of our giving stories by talking with the other co-host of the Go Big to Give Big Podcast Randy Molland! Randy is a Co-Founder of a real estate investment and an educational company called The REINVESTORS which help investors get connected to incredible investment opportunities. He also co-leads a mastermind for investors where they all work together to create bigger opportunities and support each other to achieve more.


Randy explores the power of giving back and how it can have a lasting impact on the lives of others. From Randy's own experience with starting his "Go Big to Give Big" movement, to other inspiring stories about generosity and philanthropy, this episode is sure to leave you feeling inspired to make a difference. Randy and his special guest Steve discuss the importance of creating a 'happiness account' and why even small donations can create big moments of joy for those in need. Randy shares his thoughts on giving back to others, with particular emphasis on the joy it brings, and explains his "happiness account", which involves using money to do philanthropic work and serve others. Find out about some of his favorite charities, including International Navajo Hearts, Kids Sport Victoria, and The Make Money Matter Foundation.


Tune in for an inspiring conversation about the power of giving, how it can bring joy to both those in need and those providing help, and how listeners can join Randy on his mission to "go big to give big".


[00:00 - 15:30] The Birth of Go Big to Give Big

·        The idea for Go Big to Give Big came from losing one of Randy's best friends and wanting to create more purpose in the world using real estate as a vehicle.

·        Randy was inspired by an episode of a podcast featuring Cole Hatter and Chris Harder where Cole explained the concept of building a business that makes 2 million dollars and giving 1 million dollars away to be the happiest person on the planet.

·        Randy signed up for Cole's mastermind and decided to incorporate giving into his real estate meetups by charging $10 at the door and making a donation to charity.

·        The more people that showed up to the meetups, the more money they could donate, leading to the birth of Go Big to Give Big.


[15:30 - 29:21] Realizing the Impact of Leadership

·        Scaling a business requires strategic thinking, particularly for those who wear multiple hats in their organization.

·        Partnering with someone who has a different skill set can help entrepreneurs balance their approach and make more informed decisions.

·        “Shooting from the hip” can be a valuable skill set in the business, allowing quick decision-making and action.

·        Shooting from the hip can be a valuable skill set in the business, allowing quick decision-making and action.



[29:21 - 36:21] Unlocking the Power of Giving

·        Two reasons people don't donate to charity: lack of trust or knowledge of the charity, and not knowing which charity resonates with them.

·        There is a charity for everything out there.

·        Donating a portion of sales to charity can help motivate a team to meet goals.

·        Focusing on purpose rather than greed can lead to a more positive work environment.

·        Donating to charity can create a sense of purpose and meaning for employees.

·        Finding your passion is another way to identify a charity to support.

·        Charitable giving can help create a more compassionate and empathetic world.


[36:21 - 42:49] Quick Questions

·        Brag one about charity you like: International Network of Hearts and Make My Money Matter Foundation.    

·        What would get you more excited? Donating a $1 million check or spending a week physically helping others: Randy would go to the side of donating the check because he thinks that it can make more of an impact that way.

·        What is the first thing that you think of when you hear Go Big to Give Big: Randy thinks that "Go Big to Give Big" means that the bigger one goes, the greater impact one can have, and people should aim for making 10 million dollars per year with a giving component that gives away at least half of it.

·        In one word, describe the feeling you get when you give: Pure Joy.

·        Do you believe that money can buy you happiness: Randy believes that money can bring happiness if used in the right way, and disagrees with those who say otherwise. He suggests creating a "happiness account" and using the money to find joy in philanthropy.


[42:49 – 45:20] Closing Segment

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"There is no better moment in your life to give. Everything doesn't matter for those few seconds when you're looking at somebody and you give them something of service or need.” – Randy Molland



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